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5.  Another Day 

In this beautiful ballad, Lisa Loeb departs from her usual acoustic guitar in favor of a soft piano. Sing yourself through the day with this one, “Some of the days you lose, you fall, you slip, you take a hit, but some of the days can make you smile.”

4.  No Fairy Tale

This track from Loeb’s 2013 album “No Fairy Tale” can pump anybody up. In the punchy, electric guitar-driven song, Lisa sings about being true to yourself and your emotions because, as she sings, “that’s a better one to tell.”

3.  Hurricane 

Lisa Loeb’s signature acoustic guitar sound coupled with her silky smooth vocals come together to wash over us like the hurricane she sings about. 

2.  Bring Me Up

Smooth and easy, free flowing and warm, “Bring Me Up” can bring up EVERY mood. Sit back, relax, and let the melodies and harmonies take you through the day. 

1.  Stay (I Missed You)

How could we not top the list off with this one? Loeb’s smooth vocals and acoustic guitar combine for an angelic serenade that even proved to become Loeb’s break into the industry when it hit #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100. 

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