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Award-winning Broadway composer and singer/songwriter Drew Gasparini joins us this week! We discuss writing the Broadway adaptation of The Karate Kid, his new podcast “Now We’re Talking,” and staying driven during a pandemic.

“It’s been overwhelming to the point of tears that I’m privileged enough to have this job,” Gasparini shares about his large contributions to Broadway adaptation of The Karate Kid  “If you drill toward the heart, that’s what’s gonna make a good musical.”

Gasparini has been working closely alongside Robert Mark Kamen, screenwriter of The Karate Kid. He was flown out to Okinawa, Japan to learn directly from Japanese composers and gain more cultural insight.

We talk about the toll that the pandemic is taking on the theatre industry.

“As a writer, I am doing my best to make sure that there is a mountain of material so that when theatres open up, I can say – producers, directors, actors – HERE! Take it, make something!” Gasparini explains. “I try to create whenever I feel the inspiration to do so during these scary times to make sure that there is a Renaissance at the end of this.”

Gasparini currently hosts a podcast “Now We’re Talking” where he learns quirks about his Broadway colleagues that “you wouldn’t find on Google.” Tune in to hear about their hopes, dreams – and pet peeves.

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