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An innovator of the nerdcore/ hip-hop/ ska scene, MC Lars has been paving the way since 1999.

“Papa Lars here, 21 years in the business…” he laughs and begins sharing advice. “Don’t try to copy what’s trending on Spotify. You can use that as inspiration, but do something that’s unique to you.”

Last year, Lars became a father. Navigating fatherhood and artistry has become a new balance that he’s constantly discovering.

 “I’m happy to help produce his beats and work with him, but I’m also so aware of the toxic idea of trying to push your own dreams on your kids,” he says. “I’m also trying to talk to him about toxic masculinity and social issues and social justice. We gotta leave the world better.”

Lars reflects on his positive experiences with HiNOTE compared to similar platforms.

“I’ve done Cameo for a while. Cameo is cool, but I think HiNOTE is cooler. It can feel repetitive playing these old songs. But if someone asks to add or change a lyric, or shout out this person – it gives me an opportunity for me to keep my old songs sharp. I’m doing custom freestyles, too. It’s also cool to see the other artists you have on the platform. Y’all have some big heavy hitters, so I feel like I’m in good company!”

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