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Donny Dykowsky and Kieran Sullivan of the New Jersey-based, psychedelic rock duo, Blueox, talk about their “Fearless” music video and the message behind their music.

Over 7 months, artist Rohitash Rao – alongside Editor Bob Mori – hand-painted over 3,700 frames to create the psychedelic visual masterpiece behind the band’s “Fearless” Pink Floyd cover. 

The band talks about deeper meaning in their sound.

“It’s okay to look inside yourself,” says Kieran. “It’s okay to go in, and it’s okay to be scared of it. That’s what this life is.”

“If we can get people to lose themselves for a few minutes, I think we’re doing our job,” explains Donny. “It’s the kind of music where you just want to drive through the desert at night listening to.”

Lastly, they discuss what they like most about HiNOTE.

“It’s fun to have a personal connection with people on the platform,” says Donny. “It’s a cool exchange of energy right there,” Kieran adds.

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