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This week, Montell Jordan talks about being called back to music after an 8-year hiatus with the release of his album, Masterpiece.

“I’ve always felt that I was trying to do music for the people – what people want to hear, what the clubs want to hear, what djs want to hear,” Montell explains. “This time, on the Masterpiece album, I really wanted to just do something that was gonna be a beautiful testament to my family.”

During a firm 8-year break with the industry, Montell followed his passion of becoming a pastor. Before returning to music, he had to seriously re-assess the decision.

“Can I change certain things that give people the nostalgia of who I was but with the revelation of who I am now because God transformed me?” he questioned.

If you’re wondering whether you’ll hear “This Is How We Do It” anytime soon, don’t worry.

“I won’t stop singing it until somebody tells me to shut up, and when they do that – I’ll just sing it one more time,” Montell guarantees.

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