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Days after completing  an entire album in quarantine, Tanner Hendon and Andrew Evans of Like Machines hopped on IG Live to discuss the process. 

“That process in itself creatively brought us down a different avenue that we wouldn’t have otherwise gone down,” says Evans. “Individually, we all had more alone time with the songs,” Hendon explains. “Having that space and time where you can flesh out an idea is kinda nice.”

The band explains the feeling of being on stage for high-energy shows.

“We’re here, this is the moment, this is what everything’s led up to,” Hendon tells. He compares the adrenaline to working in the emergency room. “It’s happening so fast, yet it’s happening in slow motion.”

The band’s songs on HiNOTE are stripped-down, acoustic versions which bring a more sensual and personal feel.

“Anything where it’s a very direct fan connection, it’s really cool,” Hendon describes about his experience on HiNOTE. “Without people listening to our music and coming to our shows, we’re just some dudes. The fans are what make it fun and inspiring to keep going.”

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